llama hugging.

i always say yes to llamas. thank you, dirty projectors.


hot and heavy pumpkin pie.

a few bands that i have been digging recently:

10 piece, LA-based, edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros, made their tv debut on letterman. pretty awesome.

(sad news, i missed them at rough trade east a few weeks ago.)

the xx. obsessing at the moment AND i love to find out harmony knows them.

really just loving this vid from the big pink.

a funkier, slower phoenix.

that’s all for now. cheers.

for the history books.

five reasons why 24 september was a GREAT day:

(1) walking down brick lane away from pam’s office, i was stopped by an eager couple. they asked me if i wanted to be in a fashion show…as a MODEL. not only is THAT ridic, but i was eating a piece of cake.

(2) i bought a GORG yashica rangefinder with a 1.7 lens from my new friend, ian.


(3) rediscovered my love for the kinks on the 91 to kings cross.

(4) enjoyed the most deliciously cold and crisp pink lady.

(5) pam saw pete doherty playing around on an accordian at spitalfields.

pointless and loving it.

as i have learned in the past, it’s uber hard to have two blogs and keep them going as separate but still meaningful entities. SO, i am taking away the meaningful part on this one. from now on, expect random posts of websites, music, art and things that just keep me interested in life in and around london at the moment.

should be interesting.

p.s. this can still include posts from american bands/influenced art, etc. just to make a note now. this stuff does NOT need to remain euro. although, i love it all.

p.p.s. oh and i will still be posting travel pictures and stories. just in due time.

danke for understanding.

lava, me


coffee and crocodiles.

stopped in to one of my favorite new cafe/antique stores up muswell hill, crocodile cafe. needed a cappucino to escape the rain.


a great little terrace, nice vibes and a fun staff. taking notes…

okay. so my lack of story-telling, stream-of-conscious ramblings and ridiculous holiday pics has been due to a few things:

1) trying to finish up this revamp of my cv for potential jobs. (fingers crossed!)

2) attempts at editing numerous other, unrelated images for my NEW website. (believe it.)

3) the countless updates on my work-y blog: http://catysmith.wordpress.com/

4) afternoons in the park reading beat poetry with pam.

5) evenings checking out british cult classics and psychedelic 60s b&w silent films.

as proof of my existence and shaggy hair that desparately needs a cut.


pam and me at st. michael’s mount. shot by mr. darren glyde.

taken immediately after we crossed from the castle on a path that was covered by water. despite having our pants rolled up to our thighs, we were still splashed and soaked by frigid waves. well, everyone except darren. eesh. tall people.

croque love.


the internet at the library is slow today.

and i would kill for a croque au saumon.


editing france pics. tales of travel to come!